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youth ministry

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers
in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
(1 Timothy 4:12)

South Shore Baptist Church strives to create an environment where students can be transformed into mature Christians who can set examples for believers of all ages.

The SSBC youth group exists to glorify God by making disciples of the next generation of Christ-followers and equipping parents in this task through the word of God. This is done through the preaching of God’s word at youth group, Sunday School, youth retreats and mission trips.


Christianity and Race


Pornography – High School Only

Panel Discussion on Worship


What is the Gospel?

Everything is for Jesus

Testimony Night

Our Hope in Christ

Sex & Relationships (High School Message)

Bible & Real Life – Social Media

Bible & Real Life – Anxiety

God’s Grace

God’s Mercy

Christmas Message

God’s Love

God’s Justice

God’s Goodness

God’s Eternalness

The Good Works that Matter

What Do Christian Leaders Do?

The Character of Christian Leadership

Faith, Knowledge, Hope

God’s Sovereignty

The Firm Foundation

Senior Night

Living in a Crazy World


A Message to My Teenage Self

Making Disciples

Youth Ministry & the Gospel

Find Peace in Christ

Be Transformed

Why Do We Follow God?

The Wise One

Spiritual Gifts

The Prophesied One

Our Words and Our Heart

The Choosing One

The Sending One

The Caring One

The Seeing One

The Powerful One

The Calling One

The Innocent One

The Righteous One

Christ or the Crowd?

Do Not Worry

The Beatitudes

Nehemiah Confronts Sinners

Celebration and Praise at the Wall

The Covenant to God

Worshipping God Almighty

Revival In the City

The Wall is Completed

Nehemiah’s Opposition

Nehemiah Before the King

Pete DeAngelis – Nehemiah 2:1-8 – March 1, 2015

Nehemiah’s Prayer

Pete DeAngelis – Nehemiah 1 – Jan. 11, 2015

Abraham and Isaac (Winter Retreat – Sunday Morning)

Homosexuality and the Christian (Winter Retreat – Saturday Night)

God’s Covenant with Abram (Winter Retreat – Saturday Morning)

The Call of Abram (Winter Retreat – Friday Night)

Can a Christian have doubts?

The Resurrection

The Trinity

Jesus, Fully Man, Fully God

Grant Goodenough – John 1 – Nov. 9, 2014

What is Modesty?

Discipleship and Missions

Science and the Bible

Jhamel Kabbara – Genesis 1 – Oct 19, 2014

Can We Trust the Bible?

Does God Exist?

What about Hell?

Connecting with the World

Connecting with Others

How to Connect with God?

Why Connect with God?

Why does God allow evil and suffering?

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Don’t Come for the Bread, Come for Jesus

Senior Night

Question & Answer Night

The Lukewarm Church

Strengthen What Remains

Reconciled with God

Cultural Pressure

Case Study – The Apostle Peter

Abandoned Love



Know, Grow and Go

The Armor of God

Study of Marriage

Imitating God

The New Life in Christ

Gifts of Grace


The Image of God

Noah and the Flood

The Life of Joseph

Live in Unity

Paul’s Great Prayer

The Mystery Revealed

Unity in Christ

Who we are in Christ

Knowing the Greatness of God

Home, Hope and the Holy Spirit

God’s Will For My Life

Wisdom in Decisions

Wisdom and the Heart

Get Wisdom

Chosen and Adopted by Grace

Intro to Ephesians

New Clothes

Godly Activity

Team of Christ

Firm in the Gospel

The Faithful Fan

Senior Graduation

Believe God, Love God, Obey God

Love and Fear

Biblical Manhood

God is Love

Confessing Christ

Love One Another

The Children of God

The Contrast

Do Not Love the World

The New Commandment

The Advocate

Walking in the Light

Sun Stand Still

The Fall of Jericho

Israel Crosses the Jordan

Intro to Joshua

Christmas Message

A Transforming Community

A Transforming Gospel

The Glory of God in Moses

Remember Your Creator in Your Youth

The Golden Calf

The Ten Commandments

The Exodus

The Passover

Approaching the Holy God

God is Sovereign Over Time

Everything is Vanity Except Enjoyment in God

The Plagues

The Burning Bush


True Gain

Dating and Relationships

How to Handle Controversial Topics

Lukewarm Christianity

Revelation Overview

Pete DeAngelis – Book of Revelation – June 24, 2012

True Strength and Satisfaction – Senior Night

Pete DeAngelis - Psalm 73 – June 10, 2012 - (Second Part of the Sermon)

The Resurrection of Christ

The Passion of Christ

The Great Commandment

The Rich Young Ruler

The Transfiguration

Peter’s Confession

God Looks at the Heart

Jesus Rejected

Jesus Heals A Demon-Possessed Man

The Growing Seed

Christmas Message

The Parable of the Sower

The Unpardonable Sin

The Crowds Follow Jesus

Jesus Forgives Sins

The Ministry

Jesus Heals Many

The Kingdom of God

Jesus and Baptism

Holy Ambition

Paul’s Joy

Press On

Righteousness by Faith in Christ

The Call to Ministry

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