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Growth Groups

Growth Group Bible studies are exactly what their name implies: small groups of people coming together (typically in someone’s home) to grow by studying the Bible. Growth groups provide an opportunity for personal prayer, discussion and support that is sometimes more difficult to find in a large Sunday gathering.

Our growth groups meet throughout the week all over the South Shore. We have groups for all walks of life: men, women, couples, and open groups where anyone is welcome. Some groups are studying a book of the Bible. Others are studying what the Bible says about a particular topic. Still other groups focus more on prayer.

Why not take the next step and visit a growth group? Contact Tim Ells, Janet Ells, Linda Childs, or Pastor Stephen McDonald to learn more about existing groups or starting a new group. Growth Groups currently meeting for 2017-18 are listed in the brochure below. Please contact the church office or the leaders listed above to receive the group’s contact information.




Why Growth Groups?

Good question. In a large church, Growth Groups provide a unique environment to practice biblical community, to grow as disciples of Christ, and to reach out together with the gospel.

CJ Mahaney answers the question like this…

By His grace, together we are being changed into the image of Jesus Christ. Together we are experiencing mutual care, genuine fellowship, a gospel-centered focus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We no longer simply attend – we participate. We no longer selfishly consume – instead we are carrying out God’s purpose for our lives as we con-tribute to the building of the local church.

Come join a Growth Group, as we seek to grow together in Christ!

“In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”  Romans 12:5 NIV


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